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So I posted 3 Spuffy wallpapers at Seasonal Spuffy, yesterday! It's been fun .. I missed making fanart!

Click to full view/download them ;)

2 more under the cut! ....................... )
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It's kind of sad that a lot of you guys are moving to DW for good. I mean I know you guys are all cross-posting to LJ and all but it feels lonelier to be on LJ these days.

So, I'm testing this out, does it really matter where I post? LJ or DW? I don't have many friends on my DW flist yet, but hoping it'll grow quick. Actually, that's good... it's time to start over and I can actually get to know you guys better. It can be a brand new journey all over again.

I have to upload some icons, etc. to use. Update my profile and stuff.

Anyways, I have to go back to work now.

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I created a DW account just to see, for now, if I'd like it more than LJ. I'm pretty sure I'll never leave LJ for good. Though since a lot of my friends are actually on DW more than LJ lately, I feel that I should try to give it a go as well.

So here I am, if you knew me on LJ, then please add me here, too. I'm also inxsomniax on LJ, of course.


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